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Diviana DEvour
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Diviana DEvour -
Height : 5ft 3in
Weight : 125lbs
Age :
-Chest : 38DD
- Waist :
- Hips :
- Dress :
- Shoe :
- Eyes :
- Hair :
- Piercings :
- Tattoos :
- Size Under Bust : 37

Location: Western, Connecticut
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Diviana Devour is a multifaceted / talented artist. She has over 2 decades of experience in  the alternative and rock music scene in NYC since her teens.  She has been modeling-acting and performing since.  She has been featured in publications, album covers, music videos, Cable TV shows, newspapers, posters, flyers, The Howard stern show (6 times and his first book on 2 pages) and VHI's Special "When Metal Ruled the world" in 2003. As well as being a hostess for events and TV shows. She does theme, Character, alternative fashion, Pinup/ Promo model work.  She has a very wide extensive wardrobe (Fetish, Gothic, Victorian, Lingerie(European),    Dance and Foot wear).

She also has a collection of corsets and cinches . accessories, fans, props and sometimes poses with her snake and black cats. Can portray any look, character or dark theme.  She also can do her own hair, makeup and set designs.....

When she is at work on a modeling project. she is always professional, expressive, creative, artistic , Easy going, and fun to work with! When contacting her about projects .

Please keep it professional, full details and with intent of her best interest of heart.

For commercial, web sites and publications

+ Spokesmodel/person- Music, products
+ Advertising/commercial- Liquor,clothing, music
+ Parts/Leg/foot/hand/face
+ Fitness/Health
+ Dance/Theatric
+ Pinup/Glamour
+ Renaisance/Victorian
+ Ethnic (Middleastern/Latin/Indian)
+ Comic book/femme fatal charecters
+ Fetish (Fashion/Glamour)
+ Gothic/Vampiress
+ Punk/Glam
+ Cyber/Sci Fi
+ Bike Mags ( Harleys ! not rice burners)
+ Metal/Rock
+ Horror/Fantasy
+ fairies/Muses
+ sirens/ mermaids
+ Angels/ goddesses
+ mystical tarot card charecters.

+ Coffie Table Books(Fetish/Pinup)
+ Publications (Vampire/Fetish/Gothic)
+ Advertising/Editorial (Horror/Gothic/Music)
+ Commercial/Illustration (Comics)
+ Stage (Hostess,Promoter, Shows)
+ Conventions (Appearences, Shows)
+ Film/Media (TV, Music videos, Horror/Fetish films)


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